About AASP

The American Association for Social Psychiatry provides a forum for raising and discussing the overarching social and psychiatric issues that we as psychiatrists have the expertise and perspective to address. These include issues of increasing violence in our society and the world; religious, racial, gender and cultural differences that are expressed as intolerance; our relation to our planet; and the benefits and problems that science and technology offer. Our responsibility to each other as social beings, beyond the usual doctor-patient realm, is the “bigger picture” of the American Association for Social Psychiatry. Our goal is to study the nature of people and their surrounding culture, and to use the knowledge gained from that to advance the social well-being of mankind.

One of the principal activities of the organization has been the periodic conduct of symposia and workshops on scientific topics of importance to psychiatrists. These are most often scheduled in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association. Previous topics have included trends in crime, arrests, and prison populations, minority mental health disparities, psychiatric rehabilitation, suicide prevention, and the behavioral health implications of natural disasters. AASP membership also includes membership in the World Association for Social Psychiatry.

In addition to the symposia and workshops, the organization has sponsored annual luncheons for psychiatric residents with a view of promoting conversation and increasing knowledge and awareness of issues related to the field of social psychiatry. Several AASP members are currently developing a social psychiatry textbook as well.

Representatives of the organization have served on the APA Assembly, the APA Council on Global Psychiatry and have participated in the World Congress of the Association of Social Psychiatry.

WASP 2016

World Association for Social Psychiatry

XXII World Congress - New Delhi, India

APA Annual Meeting - Atlanta, May 14-18

APA annual meeting 2016

AASP-sponsored Presentations
[all held at Georgia World Congress Center]

Saturday, May 14th
3:30-5:00 – Workshop - Bldg B, Room B310
Diversity Experiences in Residency Training
Chair: Beverly Fauman, MD
Aida Mihajlovic, MD,
Jacob Sperber, MD

Sunday, May 15th
10:00-11:30 – Forum – Bldg B, Room B206
Abraham L. Halpern Humanitarian Award Forum
Abortion: What’s Happening and Why It
Matters to Women, Society, and Psychiatry
Chair: Kenneth Thompson, MD
Nada Stotland, MD (Awardee)
Helen Hermann, MD
Maria Oquendo, MD

Tuesday, May 17th
9:00-12:00 – Symposium – Bldg A, A402-403
Social Trauma (joint AASP-WASP presentation)
Chairs: Sheila Judge, MD
& Roy Kallivayalil, MD
Thomas Jamison-Craig, MBBS, PhD
Driss Moussaoui, MD
Vivian Pender, MD
Andres Pumariega, MD
Kenneth Thompson, MD

2:00-5:00 – Symposium – Bldg A, A410
Undocumented and Refugee Children
Arriving at U.S. Borders: Mental Health
Issues and Treatment Interventions
Chair: Eugenio Rothe, MD
William Arroyo, MD,
Juan Carlos Gomez, Esq
Andres Pumariega, MD
Pedro Ruiz, MD

Presentations of Interest by AASP Members
Saturday, May 14th
1:30-3:00 – Workshop
Mental Health and the Case
For Single Payer Post-ACA
Chairs: Leslie Gise, MD
and Steven Sharfstein, MD

Sunday, May 15th
8:00-11:00 – Symposium – Bldg B, Rm B401
Forgiveness, Trauma, and Psychiatry:
The Clinical Relevance from Diverse Faith
Perspectives in the Wake of the Charleston
Church Tragedy
Kevin Brown,
Deborah Deas, MD, MPH
R. Rao Gogineni, MD
H. Steven Moffic, MD
Driss Moussaoui, MD
John Peteet, MD
Shridhar Sharma, MD

Monday, May 16th
11:00-12:30 – Workshop – Bldg B, Rm B315
Achieving Health Equity: Psychiatry, Public
Policy & the Elimination of Childhood Poverty
Chairs: Kenneth Thompson, MD
and Steven Adelsheim, MD

11:00-12:30 – Workshop
International Medical Graduates: Reflections
On Cross-Cultural Training and Learning
Chairs: Tanuja Gandhi, MD
and Rama Rao Gogineni, MD

1:30-3:00 – Forum
The Financing of Psychiatric Care:
Past, Present, and Future
Chair: Steven Sharfstein, MD